Inaugural Speech From President

For a brief history of the evolution of Lakulish Yoga University, please go through excerpts from the speech of the President of the university on the day of inauguration.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank each and everyone gathered here today. Welcome to the inauguration ceremony of the first ‘Lakulish Yoga University’ of Gujarat. I would like to thank our Chief Minister Honourable Narendra Modiji for accepting our invitation and agreeing to inaugurate our university.

In 1976, the first ‘Lakulish Institute of Yoga’ was inaugurated. During his inaugural speech Bhramlin P.P. Swami Shri Kripalvanandji had said ‘Actually, I feel like I have already inaugurated this institute six years ago when I initiated Rajarshi Muni as my Sanyasi disciple. It was like sowing a seed…. A real institute is not merely a building with cemented bricks but the tutelage of a pious, renounced and a realised yogi….

…..It is my heartfelt wish that ‘Lakulish Institute of Yoga’ may grow to become a full fledged university someday.” In retrospection, I believe that the prophecy made by him in 1976, has been fulfilled today. Swamiji had further said “on this auspicious occasion, I pray to god Lakulish and fervently hope that this institute will be a true guiding light for the potential yogi’s in their spiritual quest.

In this context, Swami Vivekanandji (while describing Raj Yoga), has said ‘Yoga science has discovered every rule of constructing the entire human body. Just as we can plant a tree and hasten its growth with the help of modern techniques and implements, similarly, by studying the science of Yoga, by quantifying the strengths of the human body and by studying its laws and secrets, if we imbibe yoga into our lives then we can attain total and absolute growth.

To achieve such a high goal, our university will provide courses on Ashtang Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Vashishtha Yoga, Indian culture, Philosophy & world religions, Physiology, Psychology, Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Sanskrit, etc…

To sum it up briefly, this university will help in enhancing the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual growth of the students. Apart from this, the students will also be taught how to live an honest and virtuous life.

Now I’ll give you brief history of the 37 years of relentless efforts that went behind this university.

In 1965, at Kayavarohan, Saint Shri Kriplavanand started following the path of Yoga set by Lord Lakulish. In 1971, P.P Rajarshi Muni became his Sanyasi disciple. During that time, ‘Kayavarohan Tirth Samaj’ and later ‘Life Mission’ was established. Ever since then, the propagation of Yoga and culture hastened considerably.

The main centre for the promotion of Yoga, Rajrajeshwar dhaam, was established in Limdi on a vast plot of 115 acres, where Yoga, education and various other social services commenced. Life Mission also established ‘Vijay Darshan Yogashram’ on a 5 acre plot on the banks of river Narmada near Bharuch for the same purpose.

Life mission activities flourished in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttarpradesh, Bihar etc. A yoga ashram was established in Mebane Durham, North Carolina. People with curiosity about Yoga come there to learn it.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that by the grace of Lord Lakulish, brahmlin guru and with the unyielding efforts of Rajashri Muni, this institution has organised more than 2500 yoga camps with more than one and a half lakh participants since 1976.

During the span of these years, ‘Yoga and Cultural Foundation of Gujarat was founded and Mr. Santoshbhai Kamdar was instated as the President. ‘Indian Federation of Yoga and Culture’ and ‘World Federation of Yoga and Culture’ were also established later. Mr. Jaswantsinh Thakore, the former foreign minister of India was appointed as President and the crown prince of the former state of Jodhpur, Gajarajsinhji and Fatehsinhji Jasol were appointed as the Vice Presidents.

This year, the school level, national competition curriculum was also prepared by Life Mission. 125 students trained in our institute were requested to teach yoga to 1500 yoga teachers, for the government. Of them, 70 were appointed as Yoga teachers and the credit for this achievement goes to this institution in entirety.

As a result of our various endeavours, since 1991, various universities have started organising Yoga competitions. ‘Shalakiya Rashtriya Yogasana Spardha’, a competition organised by the Government since 2000 has been organised 5 times and National Yoga competition has been organised 9 times till date. Lakulish Yoga institute has also offered full scholarship with room and boarding facilities to various students.

The credit for all these achievements goes to ‘Life Mission’, ‘Lakulish Yoga Vidhyalaya’ and ‘Yoga and Cultural association of Gujarat’. The Director of Lakulish Yoga Vidhyalaya- Doctor R. J. Jadeja and association President Mr. Santosh Kamdar were felicitated by the Honorable Chief Minister for their hard work and perseverance in making Lakulish University a success.

Today Yoga has become a global phenomenon and is gaining popularity rapidly. Countries like the U.S.A and France have shown major interest in Yoga Science. The number of visits on blogs, websites and all internet related pages are a bona fide proof of Yoga’s increasing popularity. More than 30 million American citizens have been associated with Yoga in one way or another. According ‘L.A. Yoga’ a U.S. based Yoga magazine, out of its total population of 300 million, more than 20 million U.S. citizens are daily practitioners of Yoga. Recently in Gujarat, apart from ‘Medical tourism’ there has been an increase in ‘Yoga tourism’ as well.

I would like to bring it to the notice of our Chief Minister that history has witnessed religions and languages thrive and grow when enough importance was laid on it.

Unfortunately, with the westernization of our country, our people have lost touch with their own roots and culture. In a hope to reunite the people of India with their culture and to enlighten them about the path of ‘Moksha’ (liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth), this university was established.

The Mahabharata- a Hindu scripture, has explained the importance of sages and Yogis by saying that successful empires and nations are built and sustained only with the help of saints, yogis, men with scientific intelligence and intellectually wise gurus. Without these, the empire is doomed.

“Here are some excerpts from the Mahabharata:

These couplets tell us about the importance of the wise and learned sages.

And with one last couplet, I conclude my speech:

(Oh divine creator, we seek your blessing so that we can give back double of what we have gained from the world.).”